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No more technical SEO headaches

With our Webflow extension, you can easily identify areas for SEO improvement and take action to boost your site's rankings
In-house team

Optimize your site's technical SEO effortlessly

Improve your technical SEO easily and quickly

Audit SEO technical aspects in a matter of seconds

Get clear instructions to solve potentials issues

Fix issues easily

Agency & freelancers

Add values to your client projects

Banish technical SEO challenges with our extension

Save time on client projects

Improve your overall efficiency

Deliver SEO-friendly websites with confidence

SEO Audit

Check your SEO health

Indexing of the staging version

Sitemap check

Robots.txt check

Canonical check

audit SEO webflow
audit publishing webflow
Publishing Audit

Check of your publishing options

Minify all your files

Publish only one version of the project

(True) Rich text

Finally, add rich content with ease

Add inline styling

Add a table has never been so easy

Add code samples, emojis, multi level lists

And many more

rich text webflow

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